Take me to a far away land where I forget all my pain
And our love can flourish like the scenery around us
Tell me all that I wish to hear as I explore the untouched world
And as you begin to explore my untouched world
Make me feel like I’ve never felt before

You have that power, you know?
To expand my senses to depths I never knew existed
With your touch, shocking every cell that makes up my body
With your gaze, eyeing every inch of my figure—top to bottom
With the taste of your mouth as our bodies collide
With the smell of love in the air any time we are near
With the sound of your voice calling back to me

Take me to a far away land where earthly worries fall to the backs of our minds
Never slipping back because of the true euphoria in the atmosphere
Talk to me for hours and fill my ears with your luxurious voice
Do as no one else has
And love me unconditionally
Ensuring me of your intentions
Proving each day that you mean what you say
That words are not as simple as they appear to be
The complexity far surpassing our understanding

Show me that when you say you love me
You mean that
You wake up filled with a blissful glee at the mere thought
Of my presence in your bed
Your heart beats to a foreign rhythm when I enter your gaze
That my happiness and satisfaction floods your system with serotonin

Show me that when you say you love me
I couldn’t possibly comprehend what that really means to you

*Featured image can be found and purchased here.

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