Close your eyes and let the rhythm of us flow together
Put your hesitation aside and look into my crystal ball eyes
I don’t know what is to come
But I don’t need to see the future to know that this feels right
I don’t need anything to know that this feels right

Why is it you
That can be so rough yet so gentle
Navigating my body with your hands as if you had the roadmap to understand me
Freckled with confusion as to why I want you
Confusion that riddles my own mind as well

How do I explain that when I looked at you
And you smiled that cocky-ass smile
My soul had to know what you were thinking

How do I explain that in that moment
I needed to kiss you
Not because of a mere physical attraction
But because I needed to be that close
Needed to be in your world
Touching the mouth that lets your mind roam
I needed to feel what it was like
To touch your mind

How do I explain that you are so far from average
What in life has told you otherwise?
How naïve they must’ve been

How do I explain that all I want is you
As pure and innocent as that
The uncensored version that you’re scared to show me
The you that is unsure of what you want this to be
Because the fact that you are unsure
Says enough for both of us

I don’t ever need anything in life to feel inspired
But how do I explain that I want you to inspire me to my core

I may be unlike any other person you’ve ever met
But my sweet, sweet love
You are unlike any other person I’ve ever met either

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