M Y H E A R T ‘ S A N T H E M

My heart is too heavy
Weighed down by the smallest of raindrops
Flooded by a sea of sympathy
As letters form your words that flow into my ears
They simultaneously cling right to my heart
I’m sorry for all you feel
All the hurt the world has brought your way
Regardless of whether you’re happy to be who you are today
I can’t help but ache
Ache because you once felt beaten
Broken by this world and all it has to reign down
Fists flung at your body
Only to land on your mind
Your soul
The deepest of blows
If I could’ve only been there
To take a few of those fists and shatter them at the gates of my ribs
Maybe I could’ve hugged your heart
And let my skin act as your bullet-proof vest
I guess all I’m saying is
You’ve made it through so much
And your strength goes far beyond the physical battles in life
But if I could’ve
Helped mend your broken bones
Or taped-up your precious heart
Or told you that no matter what your surroundings told you
You didn’t deserve it
I would’ve
With every ounce of my being
I would’ve
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