Having Fun With My Mental Breakdown

So…long time no see! For those that are a little behind, let me catch you up. A little over a month ago, I deleted all of my social media accounts (except for my official writing/poetry/project Instagram account, but for the sake of redundancy I’m going to say they were all deleted from this point forward). In our gloriously developed, technologically integrated society that’s the equivalent … Continue reading Having Fun With My Mental Breakdown

Accidentally Becoming a Meaningless Martyr

Lately, I’ve been too scared to write. Too scared of what will form from the tapping of my fingertips on a keyboard. Too scared that I’ll say exactly what I’m thinking. Or even worse–too scared to see what that is. I always write for other people, adding a positive spin or some beautiful life lesson to be learned. It’s manipulated my way of thinking to … Continue reading Accidentally Becoming a Meaningless Martyr

I’m Not Brave for Talking About My Sexual Assault

On April 2, 2017, I opened up about my sexual assault, and while I know everyone who applauded my bravery and courage in doing so had the best intentions—I couldn’t disagree more. I am not brave for speaking up about something that, according to a Department of Justice survey published in 2015, occurs every 98 seconds in America. Every. Ninety. Eight. Seconds. Why am I … Continue reading I’m Not Brave for Talking About My Sexual Assault

A Smiling Girl’s Anxiety

It hadn’t hit me until I was gearing up for the first therapy appointment I’d had in months that I realized how far I’ve come. Three weeks before this day, I was arguing back and forth with a family member about how I couldn’t—physically could not—go to the appointment without taking my anti-anxiety medicine. His argument was that I needed to go to the appointment without … Continue reading A Smiling Girl’s Anxiety